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Swinging Bear

Funny video of a bear having fun on a swing. This bear can swing better than you.FACEBOOK:©

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We specialize in all aspects of commercial glass,from complete new storefront installation or replacements , to minor door and door closer repairs. We specialize in Tempered glass herculite door repair and replacement. We have the fastest turnaround time in Philadelphia having our 1/2" tempered glass doors installed and repaired withing 24-48hrs. We also specialize in custom glass doors, European doors, and Balance Doors. Our Commercial Door Services can keep your business safe and secure.We also have a new mobile glass service. If your business' entry doors are misaligned, closing too fast or too slow, difficult to lock, leaking or damaged, our professional glass technicians can repair or replace them at your convenience. We offer 24 hour emergency board up service Our quick-response Emergency Services team will arrive shortly to access any glass damage and create a clean-up and repair plan. For exposed windows and doors, we offer our Emergency Board-up Service to restore security and minimize business downtime.We make our customer service calls our top priority and keep an inventory of the specific hardware required. Our mobile glass shops restore security and peace-of-mind quickly. We offer a free glass and door maintenance program to our repeat clients. We have the most competitive prices and offer the fastest turnaround time for any project.So please call us to speak to one of our glass technicians or glass design technicians

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